We offer the Commander VASC Classroom Certification course.

The objective of the Certification Course is to certify service technicians on the Commander, RubyCi, Commander16 Site Controllers, along with the Topaz and Ruby2 POS workstations. In doing so, service technicians will be able to complete new system installations, warranty and repair work, and perform software upgrades.

The Certification Course is a four consecutive day course, involving three days of training and one day of certification exams. Each day includes two short breaks and a lunch break. Classes are held Tuesday through Friday from 8:00 AM through 5:00 PM Central Time. The classroom is available after hours for students to continue their studies and additional practice with the equipment. Homework is assigned each day except the day before the certification exams.

The classes are taught by Verifone-certified instructors with over 20 years of field experience installing and servicing Verifone Point of Sales systems, including the entire lifespan of the Commander system.  Our instructors are also PCI QIR certified.

Prior to registering for the Certification Course, students must have successfully completed the online Commander Pre-Course Certification. Information regarding this pre-course requirement can be found in the Learn section of the VeriFone Premier Portal.

Companies must ensure that student laptop computers meet the minimum requirements listed in the CBE Commander VASC Registration Packet and that all required programs are installed and working prior to the student’s arrival at the CBE Center for Excellence.

For the convenience of students attending the Certification Course at the CBE Center for Excellence, we offer a package deal that allows students to enjoy good home cooked meals and stay in cottages on the school property. Information on this package is available by clicking on the Lodging Information link and in the registration packet.

For more information about this course and to access the registration package, please see the menu to the right. Any questions may be directed to the CBE Technical Training Director at 334-323-5167.