For students attending Commander - Topaz VASC course, the CBE Center for Excellence has two duplex cottages on site available for rent. Lodging on site can help companies save money when sending their technicians to class at the Center. Local hotels are an average of 20-25 miles away and range on average $90-$100 per night plus taxes; add to that the cost of restaurant meals and the cost of gas traveling to and from class each day.

On-Site Cottages

Each cottage has two private suites. The suites have sleeping quarters, a full bath, and a sitting room. Each suite is equipped with satellite TV, wireless internet access, a mini-fridge, and a coffee maker. Additionally, washers and dryers are available on site. CBE’s Housekeeping staff routinely cleans and stocks the rooms with linens and basic toiletries.


The course tuition covers the cost of lunch each day. For students lodging on site, breakfast and dinner are provided. All meals are prepared and served at the Center by CBE’s experienced kitchen staff.