Video Surveillance Solutions

When loss prevention and security are key, we've got you covered! CBE’s digital video surveillance solutions can help you ensure that inventory is not lost, money is not mishandled, and that patrons and employees are safe inside your stores.

  • We analyze your unique needs and build an equipment package to fit your requirements and budget.
  • We install cameras in strategic locations throughout your store, such as entrances and cash registers, the cigarette aisle, and fuel islands outside. We link those cameras to analog or digital equipment in your back office to archive your video.
  • We combine your video with data from your cash registers and dispenser point-of-sale systems, giving you an incredibly powerful analysis tool.
  • We support you with timely installation, thorough and expedient training, and total maintenance and repair.

Digital Imaging Surveillance

Our digital surveillance solution is a total package that captures both video images and point-of-sale data, and stores them in a searchable database.

It completely captures important data from video and point-of-sale sources.

    At any given time, your database will include all the images and transactions recorded for about the past 30 days.
  • It gives you the ability to analyze and search data for specific details. The database is cross-indexed, so you can search via transaction data, date/time-stamp information and audit trails.
  • It is pre-programmable to flag critical transactions, such as “voids,” “no sales,” and “item corrects.” Video footage from the transaction and immediately before it is combined with the corresponding point-of-sale data and labeled for easy retrieval and review.
  • It can be viewed remotely via your laptop or PC. All images are available at all times, so you can monitor store locations as events take place, or review images and transactions recorded earlier. The recording process goes on undisturbed, even while images are being viewed.
  • It is easy to operate. All data is stored on a PC-based hard drive, so there are no tapes to replace or archive. A digital imaging system is always ready to record – no tape insertion or removal is necessary, so no images will be missed.

HD Video Technology

CBE continues the evolution of technology offering HD digital Megapixel video cameras for security surveillance. HD IP cameras or network IP cameras stream live video via digital packets across an internet protocol network such as a LAN (Local Area Network) or the Internet. The benefit of network cameras is that they reside on IP networks; the video streams can then be accessed and stored remotely. This enables users to view and/or manage the IP cam using standard web browser or video management software from different locations, giving businesses increased flexibility.

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