Marquell Nelson

Life at CBE has proven that “out of the box” thinking will produce opportunity for growth. Fifteen years of service for me equates to fifteen years of change, both personally and professionally. We are a limitless team of customer service professionals driven by long term investments, not short term deals.

Marquell Nelson, Customer Service

Clarice Goodin

CBE offers continuous growth of knowledge and opportunities in the fast changing world of technology. My position provides me with a rewarding experience, allowing me to utilize my education and abilities in a national company. I have had the opportunity to hold a couple of positions within the company during my years of employment. During these times that many companies are experiencing lay-offs, I have always had a feeling of security at CBE, as well as feeling appreciated for my work and dedication to the CBE family.

Clarice Goodin, Accounting

Donnie Pike

I have enjoyed being a service technician for CBE for 25 years. I have enjoyed traveling all over the United States working on company projects. CBE has excellent benefits, including a 401k plan. The company is a leader in providing the latest technology in POS and security systems to numerous markets. I am proud to be a member of the CBE Team.

Donnie Pike, Field Service

Kim Sellers

I began my career at CBE the summer of 1977; we sold calculators, typewriters, office furniture, and TEC cash registers. My, how times have changed! I have witnessed the company grow from less than 500K annually to 26M annually. It has been quite a ride. I enjoy my job, the support from fellow employees, and especially an owner who has my back and who reinvests his money into our company. In these uncertain times, CBE has distinguished itself as a great place to work and cultivate.

Kim Sellers, Sales