Point-Of-Sale Solutions

CBE’s point-of-sale solutions meet the needs of fast-paced petroleum/convenience store operations – where quick customer turnaround, ease-of-use, compatible equipment, and minimal downtime are imperative.

After carefully assessing your needs, our custom solution for your business will:

  • Create more time for more sales
  • Make transactions easy and convenient for you, your employees, and your customers
  • Integrate your point-of-sale process from start to finish
  • Keep things running smoothly preventing loss of customers and sales

Create more time for more sales.

Your new point-of-sale solution provides the quick customer turnaround you need to make more sales in the store and at the pump. We help your employees serve customers completely, with less time per transaction, by using easy-to-understand fuel icons and programmable PLU keys.

We also provide a single control point for all fuel sales – a quick glance verifies the pump status. To authorize fueling and keep the traffic moving, your cashiers simply press a single key.

Inside, your solution can let cashiers suspend, then resume, transactions while customers retrieve that “one last item.” In between, your cashiers can process other sales, keeping the lines moving and customers happy.

Make transactions convenient and easy for you, your employees, and your customers.

Here are just a few implementations we offer which can make your entire transaction processes simple and efficient:

  • Flexible Payment Options – Your solution can accept a number of payment methods, allowing you to pass a wide range of payment choices on to your customer when they make purchases in your store. Cash, checks, coupons, lotto tickets, major credit and debit (ATM) cards, major oil-branded and network cards, and fleet fuel cards can all be accepted for payment, if you choose.
  • Safe-Drop Alerts – Your solution can keep a running total of cash collected, alerting your cashiers when it’s time to make a safe drop. It’s an easy way to make sure there is never a surplus of currency in the cash drawers.
  • Programmable Hot Keys – Hot Keys provide one-touch entry for your most popular store items, making it incredibly simple for cashiers to conduct transactions.
  • Comprehensive Summaries - Sales data is quickly consolidated into integrated management reports, producing a complete summary of a station’s activities. As a result, your solution provides better control over operations and saves hours of paperwork. That means you can spend less time in your office and more time with your customers.

Integrate your point-of-sale process from start to finish.

Your solution is completely compatible with a wide range of pumps, dispenser card readers, petroleum card networks, back-office PCs, and remote hosts, making it easy to install and use in virtually all your convenience store locations without needing special accommodations.

This lets you standardize operations among your locations and ensures that point-of-sale data is transferred without needing translation or interpretation.

Databases and register keyboards are also the same at each of your locations, allowing employees and managers to move from store to store easily without more training on site-specific equipment.

Keep things running smoothly preventing loss of customers and sales

Your solution is quickly installed and is backed by a team of experts that are on call to keep it up and running. We can perform preventive maintenance on a quarterly basis, replacing parts that show excessive wear. In addition, we can respond to repair calls within four hours in a part stocked van. This allows us to fix your problem immediately and keep your service downtime to a minimum so you don’t miss customers or sales.