Why CBE?

In a world of POS vendors, what makes our company stand out from the rest? We work on long-term investments, not short-term deals. We ensure each project is executed on time meeting your objectives. CBE is your solution that will meet your specific business initiatives and requirements.

CBE is a VeriFone distributor that maintains an onsite and well-stocked inventory. Providing everything needed for projects of any size.

CBE offers competitive pricing for VeriFone pinpads, Ruby and/or Sapphire upgrades and/or complete systems including Topaz Touch Screen POS. Once we secure the Forecourt, upgrade pinpads and/or replace POS, and upgrade software to meet PCI standards, CBE provides digital security that will interface to POS providing your Loss Prevention team a useful tool with an economical edge.

CBE continuously studies the most recent software enhancements and provides timely software updates. For example, CBE recently launched, VeriFone’s Secure PumpPay, a powerful solution for petroleum stations that request to upgrade their existing fuel dispensers to ensure the greatest payment security for their customers. Secure PumpPay is designed to replace many non-PCI compliant systems in a wide range of dispenser models.